How to use full body vibration machine for yoga sessions?

Yoga has been a way of body and mind training for a while and lately it’s also transforming into a way of life for many and with all the good reasons. The yoga postures, also called asana have a very long tradition in helping either treat or to prevent ailments, they are bound to help our body organs and through heightened circulation and focused meditation, they also give relief from stress, that’s the Nr. 1 reason for many ailments to generate on the first place. Now, what happens when we try to combine this old traditional way of exercising with today’s hot new fitness trend the whole body vibration machine? Let’s see all the pros and cons in this article.

Yoga Practice and Whole Body Vibration

How to bring Yoga Practice and Whole Body Vibration together?

When thinking about yoga and the full body vibration machine we should rescind from the regular and complex standing-based machines, which are shown for this machine but rather think of the vibrating plates which are getting more and more trendy as they are much easier to carry when travelling or moving around. The plates generally come in 3 sizes with full body vibration plate being the largest: this has the size that one can cozily sit on it and perform sitting based exercises. The smaller plates can be used too only more as an addition to regular strengthening exercises.

Benefits of Vibrating for yoga

Benefits of Vibrating for yoga

Yoga and vibration plates can be used pretty well in certain instances because:

  • Vibration machines can mainly help when it comes to slow movement or other more static ways of exercising ( e.g. sitting or standing in the same place for a longer amount of time) this type of training is also called Callisthenic training.
  • Yoga has lots of sitting and standing based programs where the plates can be used pretty successfully.
  • Smaller vibration plates are easy to carry for yoga exercises.
  • Vibration can help to upper the limits of one’s stretching based asana as it helps to boost muscle response times.
  • A growing amount of yogis use the vibration plate for doing warm-ups with full or partial use. Partial use is, when one only puts one leg or arms on the plate while holding the pose.

So, after all the pros let’s see some of the more obvious cons:

  • While it’s great for warm-ups, it’s not a good idea to use it for whole sessions. The spirit of yoga is to perform the asana in deep silence with only a very low voice relaxing music if any. Vibrating machines however tend to be way noisier than that, which means that they can ruin the whole yoga experience.
  • You can only sit or stand on the device: no place for laying down in any ways. Which means it can be used rather as a supplement than as a base.

All in all, while it has advantages in yoga this machine is rather for warming up before the actual sessions and not to be used during these.

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