Modern people strive for being slim, active and healthy. Aiming to lose weight, they regularly visit fitness centers, go jogging and do exhausting morning exercises every day. But a very effective and fast way exists. You can just use a vibration plate, avoiding stress, efforts and enjoining your training time. You just need to apply this type of stimulator during some min. a day and great muscle tone, good mood, much energy for new achievements and maximum weight loss results are guaranteed.

Can Vibration Exercise Reduce Body Fat?

The sense of regular training and fitness activities is in gradual improvement of muscular endurance. Day by day, muscles adapt to increasing loads and become stronger. When you stand or sit down on a Whole Body Vibration Machine, they tense and relax many times a second without any efforts. It works like massage, being relaxing, health-promoting and stimulating. The person does not apply any force to the exercises, getting great results within the shortest spaces of time.

Can Vibration Exercise Reduce Body Fat

At the beginning, 3-5 min. a day are enough for toning the body and preparing it for continuous activities. Immediate effect includes:

  • enhancing of blood circulation
  • increasing metabolism
  • effective detoxification
  • hormone balancing
  • stress and pain management

During the exercises with full body vibration machine, helpful hormones that are called “happy” are released. Serotonin, endorphins, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), neurotrophine, testosterone, epinephrine are beneficial for tissue regeneration, stimulating brain activity, improving mood and neurotransmission. Vice versa, the hormone of stress, cortisol is decreasing together with fears, anxiety and pains. Thus the psychological reasons of obesity are eliminated during the first weeks of training. Weight loss is initiated and the person will feel healthy, cheerful, energetic, active and physically vigorous. While time is necessary to cause the desirable biological reactions.

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Will Whole Body Vibration Help Me to Lose Weight?

WBV is admitted to be really effective and beneficial for health. Its anabolic, strengthening and stimulating effect is confirmed by multiple worldwide studies. For example, a research conducted by NCBI showed that the group of patients managed to lose 5% of weight during 6 months of training and 10.5% in a year.

The calories and in some time, fat is burnt, but the exercises are to be intense while vertical vibrations of low frequency and low amplitude are recommended. Modern vibration plates produce vibration in 3 directions. But only vertical one is considered to be positive for human health and well-being. Thus only top-quality powerful devices that are equipped with linear motors are acknowledged as being able to maximize vertical vibration and, therefore, the benefit. They are gentle, smooth and quiet.

So, aiming to lose weight, the sportsperson is to train regularly during 6 months at least, doing various exercises such as crunches, squats and pushups. You can be sitting or standing on the platform, but using reliable, top-quality and adjustable machines is recommended.

Will Whole Body Vibration Help Me to Lose Weight

Using BVM for Metabolism Increasing

The mechanism of vibration application is simple, but versatile. The body responses to the accurately selected forces and frequencies with multiple benefits, such as:

  • enriched oxygen intake
  • body cells stimulation
  • blood flow promotion

The cellular fluid moves faster, intestine activity meliorates and nutrients are taken up and afterwards utilized more efficiently. Thus it is usually recommended to combine training with diets and other methods.

Using BVM for Metabolism Increasing

Is It Enough to Use BVM Only to Lose Weight?

Regular training with Body Vibration Machines is among the most effective methods of getting slim. It stimulates fat burning, eliminating other common problems, like:

  1. cellulite
  2. wrinkles and sagging skin
  3. poor muscle tone

This method is often used for painless body contouring, rejuvenation and detoxification. But for better result, regular aerobic exercises are to be combined with healthy diet, physical activity, walks and positive lifestyle.

Vibration Training Safety

Vibration Training Safety

Training duration as well as vibration frequencies are to be strictly controlled. Transferred to separate body parts jolts and shocks can cause harm. There is significant risk for back and joints, especially knees. That’s why low frequencies are to be used; platform positions, straps and rails are to be adapted according to the user’s height and body weight. The loading is to be increased step by step following the personal fitness and condition of the patient.

Additionally, some technical characteristics are to be adjustable, for example:

  • vibration force
  • amplitude
  • frequency
  • range of exercise

Intense workout can be required, especially for professional training and weight loss goals. But only advanced users can choose this options; the other ones are to consider their feeling, experience and medical condition.


Low-frequent, moderate exercise with vibration plates are beneficial virtually for all people. But intense training requires a lot of energy and efforts. That’s why before undertaking intensive physical exercises, it is worth to consult a doctor.

Using WBV is dangerous for the patients with the following diseases:

  • thrombosis
  • epilepsy
  • cancer
  • kidney stones
  • hernia
  • fractures
  • hip replacements

Pregnant women, patients with pacemakers and implants have to be careful, as well. After seeing a doctor, several lessons with an experienced trainer are recommended.


Thus, using a whole body vibration machine is very effective and beneficial for health. But you are to increase force and duration of exposure gradually, consuming only enjoyable vibration energy. All chronic illnesses are to be recognized while regular training with low frequencies is recommended. That’s why select and buy top-quality, powerful, adjustable and quiet machines. Following these simple recommendations, heavier and larger people can lose up to 11% of the body mass during a year, getting really great and stable weight loss results.

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