The market is overflown with various stimulators. Many of them require exhausting and hard exercising. While vibration plates involve only minimal efforts, being extremely effective and health-promoting. These powerful devices become amazingly popular over recent years. The reason is in multiple benefits they provide for various people. Sportspeople can reach excellent performance or fitness goals, significantly improving their vertical jump. Patients of rehabilitation clinics use vibration therapy for treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, getting immediate tension relief. WBV has multiple mental and physical benefits. Let’s examine them in depth. Our rating of 10 Best Whole Body Vibration Machines.

Principal Advantages of Whole Body Vibration

Principal Advantages of Whole Body Vibration

  • Back Pain. Modern people spend many hours sitting in front of computers and TV sets. So, muscle tension and headaches are common. Only 2-3 minutes of training with a body vibration machine helps to relax, getting back, neck and shoulders pain relief. The method is used for successful treatment of osteoporosis, sarcopenia and osteopenia.
  • Weight Loss. Vertical vibration stimulates cells for active functioning. Metabolism increases; the level of hormones is getting balanced and the person forgets about fears and anxiety, feeling happy and healthy. Belly fat will be burnt only in 3-6 months of intense regular training with a body vibration machine, but the result will be stable and comprehensive.
  • Blood Circulation. Stimulating blood flow and additional oxygen consumption, vibration improves range of motion and flexibility, stimulating regeneration, healing and rehabilitation process. Lymph drainage is increasing and damaged tissues are recovered.
  • Muscular Strength and Performance. Regular intense exercises with full body vibration machines helps getting excellent results rapidly. This option is time-efficient because only 10 minutes of exposure is equal to 30-45 minutes of professional training. The greatest achievements are in vertical jumping, shuttle run and grip performance.
  • Body Shaping. WBV is widely used for fitness and rejuvenation purposes. Low frequencies are beneficial for health. Due to regular exposure and exercising, the skin is moisturized, getting smooth. Bones and muscles become stronger, complexion improves. Body contouring can be performed without surgery, while up to a year of regular training is necessary for good results.

Rehabilitation and Therapy

Mobility problems, muscle tension and fatigue become common, especially in elderly patients. Doing exercises with whole body vibration machines relieves pain, promotes relaxation, enhances recovery. That’s why vibration therapy is successfully applied for rehabilitation after surgery and severe diseases. It is used for treatment and prevention of:

  • arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • fibromyalgia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • multiple sclerosis
  • chronic back pain

Activated by vibration, the tissues start contracting and relaxing 20-40 times/sec. and it helps alleviating musculoskeletal pain at once. Thus using vibration plates is an effective spinal diseases treatment and prevention method.

Spine and Joints

Chronic pain in ankles, shoulders, knees, back and neck is relieved. Usually spine curves to accommodate heavy body weight and nasty illnesses such as scoliosis or osteoporosis are developing. In this case muscular and postural exercises are essential while vibration is extremely beneficial. The vertebrae are pushed to their natural places by jolts and jars and this exposure is milder and gentler than manipulations of osteopath. Due to regular training with body vibration machines spinal muscles are relaxing, returning to their natural positions. Thus, postural control and balance are improving, as well as the patient’s proprioception and it’s a huge step to recovery.

Risk of Fractures and Traumas

Risk of Fractures and Traumas

Due to improved body balance and muscle strength the person feels more confident, flexible and mobile. Risk of falls, fractures and traumas decreases. It is especially important for:

  • elderly people
  • postmenopausal women
  • people who suffer from cerebral pasty

Additionally, regular exercises with vibration plates help increasing bone density and strength. During the multiple worldwide researches bone mass of the participants was measured by computed tomography equipment and its significant increase was confirmed. To get evident sustained result, not less than 9 months of resistive training with full body vibration machines is recommended. Quality of life improves and older patients live longer independently, feeling safe and confident. Additionally, growth hormone is released and all children tissues, especially the bones, will grow and develop normally.

Heart Diseases and Blood Pressure

Heart Diseases and Blood Pressure

Release of essential for regeneration hormones such as serotonin, testosterone, neurotrophin, endorphins is stimulated while the level of cortisol (stress hormone), is decreasing. 10 min of training with an adaptable, top-quality vibration plate is equal to one hour of common gym workout. The force applied to the user’s body is 5-6 times more than normal gravity and the muscles exercise dozen times faster.
Another health-promoting effect is blood pressure reduction. Lymph drainage is enhanced and it prevents varicose veins formation or enlargement, as well as venous insufficiency. Heart rate is normalized. It can be measured before and after every set of exercises and it helps to choose the right workout duration. All sophisticated full body vibration machines are equipped with the counters; this option is useful and convenient. Additionally, the advanced devices help to enhance mental health stability, reducing muscle stiffness and tremor.

Relaxation and Good Mood

The tissues, muscles and cells are stimulated; the whole lymphatic and circulatory systems start working like a charm. Beneficial hormones are released and nerves respond to the influence. The useful vertical vibration sends signals to all body parts and nerves are activated while reaction time reduces and motion health improves.
Due to the balanced hormones level, the people feel energized, open, cheerful, healthy and happy. The stress level is reduced and many sleep related problems are eliminated, such as:

  • insomnia
  • fears and anxiety
  • depression
  • fatigue

Finally, vibration plates promote sense of wellbeing; energy is shifting and the person gets enough power for various daytime activities.

Muscular Endurance and Strength

Muscular Endurance and Strength

Muscular strength and performance the body balance are significantly increasing in several months of regular and intense training. For example, the research conducted by UKK Institute in Finland showed that 56 volunteers became stronger and hardier. They trained 3-5 times a day, during 4 minutes and in 4 months their jump height considerably increased. The other experiment results are enhancements of:

  • lower-limb strength
  • shuttle run
  • grip strength

Athletic performance is dramatically increasing only in some minutes of vibration exposure. Additionally, balance, proprioception and postural control is improving and vertical jumping performance is getting better. So, body vibration machines help athletes to gain flexibility during the green years and then to enhance muscle power. But the professional training is to be intense and sustained in comparison with recreational and fitness therapies. 10-minute workout is tolerable for advanced users. However, according to the study conducted by the scientists of California State and Mississippi, individual rest time significantly influences the vertical jumping performance. They recommend four bouts, 30 sec. each, to obtain excellent potentiating effect. But the optimal rest interval is to be selected individually.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

WBV has also proven to be amazingly effective in bely fat burning and weight loss. All tissues are becoming flexible, strong and fit while rejuvenation takes place. The skin is toned and tightened, the body contour is getting slimmer.
The great sustained and long-term results are possible due to:

  • metabolism boosting
  • massage therapy
  • increased lymphatic and blood circulation
  • effective hormone balancing
  • enhanced muscular activity and motion health

Excess energy and calories are burnt and the person feels good and relaxed. Advanced and top-quality models of whole body vibration machines are equipped with calorie counters. So, the user controls weight and food portions. The fat burning process is fast and effective due to vibration exposure. For example, 10 minutes of training with a vibration plate help burning 600 calories. It is equal to 30 minutes of intense running. But a runner usually feels exhausted after the training. While a stimulator user is full of energy, enthusiastic and cheerful.

Fitness and Blood Circulation

Using a body vibration machine is beneficial for every person. The properly selected exposure helps to improve:

  • metabolism
  • bone density
  • flexibility
  • blood circulation
  • lymphatic drainage
  • muscle tone and energy level

Oxygen intake and blood flow increases while the body is rejuvenated. All cells within the body start functioning faster and multiple natural processes are enhanced and improved. Thus, the skin is getting smoother, cellulite is reduced, the body detoxification is launched. Waste products are faster expelled at all levels.

Whole Body Vibration Machines are beneficial and effective stimulators. They grant back and joint pain relief, muscle strength, bone density improvements, as well as good mood and a lot of energy. But the users are to remember that the maximum set time is 10 minutes and it is tolerable only for advanced athletes.

While elderly people and patients with chronic diseases are to consult their doctors in beforehand, as well as choose suitable forces, low amplitudes and frequencies, making individually recommended time intervals. If all safety precautions are carefully met, training with vibration plates will help people to become healthy, happy, slim and well-groomed.

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