WBV or Whole Body Vibrating machines are rapidly shaking platforms that transfer their vibrations to the entire body. These machines are becoming increasingly popular in gyms along with other traditional training equipment. WBV machines are seen as an effective therapeutic modality and according to their manufacturers, 10 minutes spent on the vibrating machine is equal to an hour of working out. According to scientific research, using WBV machines can help in improving circulation, muscle tone, and weight loss. However, there are variations within the WBV machines and each differs in the way the vibrations are delivered to the body.

How to WBV machines work?

How to WBV machines workVarious therapists and physical trainers have recorded the working of WBV machines and released reports on how these machines actually tend to produce results. According to the research, when a person is training on a vibrating machine, they are usually standing over the platform with knees bent at an angle of 30 degrees. During this whole time, the surface of the platform is vibrating at the speed of 30 times per second. This tricks the brain into thinking that it is losing balance and tripping over. As a result of this, the stress reflex is activated, which leads to a succession of rapid muscle contractions. This inducing of quick muscle contraction is what delivers the desired results.

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Different types of vibration

Pivotal type

Pivotal typeThe pivotal vibration is when the surface is mounted on a central fulcrum and the platform is made to vibrate from side to side. The person standing on the platform should have one foot on each side so that the balance can be maintained by shifting the intensity from one foot to the other. The vibrations are not much towards the middle but increase gradually as you move farther away from the center. These are the very basic models and very effective for building bone density or increasing muscle mass. Moreover, they can help in weight loss, muscle toning, lymph drainage, injury recovery and mobilization of joints.

Lineal type

Lineal vibrations are produced when the platform is moving in only one direction, which is up and down. However, there could also be a little vibration along other planes depending on the manufacturing brand. In case of lineal vibration machines, the intensity of vibration is the same irrespective of where you place your feet.

The muscle contraction acquired while using the linear vibrating machines are smaller than that acquired while using pivotal vibration. However, the advantage, in this case, is that the contractions are bilateral and more intense. These platforms are not effective for weight loss but good for core strengthening, muscle toning and for increasing muscle mass and bone density.

Tri-planar type

Tri-planar typeTri-planar machines move in all three dimensions and are much more popular than the other two types of vibration. These are described as the heavy duty vibrating machines and due to the vibrations along all three directions, all of the muscles in the body are targeted equally. These machines could be great for anything from weight loss, muscle toning, developing muscle mass, increasing bone density, sharpening coordination and reflexes and muscle strengthening.

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