Looking for the suitable WBWM, many customers try to cut their expenses. But the quality is extremely important, and as this equipment is used for health and fitness goals, multiple buyers choose the most reliable, top-quality products. The fact that the Professional Dual Motor Machine was rated as best of the best devices confirms it. This estimate is based on lab tests (independent) and on customer feedback.

Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

What Do Customers Like?

If the satisfied customers leave their positive 5-star reviews on site, it means that the product is fantastic. Most of them admit that the Whole Body Vibration Machine is:

  • handy
  • sold at fair price
  • strong
  • quality made
  • easy to use
  • quiet
  • adjustable

The fact that the whole body vibration machine comes with small arms is also preferable for the certain customers. Some of them suffer from Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis and they admit that the powerful machine from GForce is really helpful to start moving in the morning, gain stamina for the whole day and to relax in the evening. The other ones work hard all day long and they are glad that their sleep normalized due to regular exercises with the Professional Dual Motor Machine.
A lady in her 60s used her unit for 7 months. She used to have several sessions a day, about 10 min each, 4 times a week. She boasts that pain and numbness in the feet is gone. Some users are short-spoken and they only write that they love their beneficial machines.

Customers’ Difficulties and Adjustment Problems

Some customers were puzzled, facing necessity to put the Whole Body Vibration Machine together. They had to mount the control tower to the platform or base unit with ten screws and then to tighten them properly. Additionally, the users looked for a manual to choose the right exercises and positions. The seller, GForce company answered all inquiries in time and sent DVD discs to the buyers. These video materials turn out to be very useful and the customers could select the right training program easily.
Finally, it was easier to adjust the unit for the customers who:

  • had a preliminary consultation in a rehabilitation or medical center
  • used manual and assembly DVD
  • bought the special resistant bands

Some people would prefer to have more detailed instructions with exercises description. However, 16 out of 18 customers who have left reviews, really love their Whole Body Vibration Machines. Thus, Professional Dual Motor model was called the best vertical type device. It was included to the 10 best vibration machines, so it’s a really good pick.

This model is the best vertical whole body vibration machine in our rating: 10 Best Whole Body Vibration Machines

Product Description

New professional dual motor body vibration machine with upgraded steel body (not plastic), larger base, noiseless motors, and new digital display are just a few of the upgrades. Arm straps included for upper body workouts. New in factory sealed in box. This system also comes with a One Year Warranty

  • Powerful Dual 110V DC Motors
  • 1000W Triangular Oscillation Motor
  • 500W Triplanar Vibration Motor
  • 3 Horse Power
  • Upgraded noiseless higher quality motors!
  • 6 modes (3 are user definable)
  • Manual Oscillation
  • Manual Vibration
  • Manual Oscillation + Vibration
  • 3 automatic programs
  • 3 user define programs
  • 110V, 60Hz for operation within US and Canada
  • Just plugs into any ordinary outlet!
  • Triangular Oscillation Amplitude: 0-11mm
  • Triangular Oscillation Frequency: 5Hz-22Hz
  • Tri-Planer Vibration Amplitude: 2.5mm
  • Tri-Planer Vibration Frequency: 15-45Hz
  • Dual Mode Amplitude: 1-10mm
  • Dual Mode Frequency: 25-50Hz
  • G-force: 2.8 – 17.24 Gs
  • Maximum Load Weight: 400lbs
  • Item Weight: 150 pounds

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