Many customers prefer buying portable whole-body vibration machines for household usage. Women are usually engaged in yoga, men care about their strength and muscles, elderly people want to treat their bone diseases. Additionally, all buyers would like not to have something heavy and bulky at home, especially in small rooms or apartments. Merax Mini device meets all of these requirements and the customers rate it highly.

Merax 1000 W Mini Crazy Fit Massager

The Customers’ Admiration and Gratitude

Most users who have recently purchased the mini massager, are just happy with it. Due to regular exercises they feel better, getting core stability and a lot of energy. The product helps them with:

  1. neuropathy
  2. back and knee pain
  3. overweight
  4. muscle soreness

Most customers admit that the machine is mighty, strong, professional, effective and beneficial. Men concentrate on their biceps and triceps, legs and arms, feeling stronger and faster. Middle-aged people are delighted with getting healthier, coming alive and getting energized. The whole-body vibration machine is adjustable, and the users like that it can be both very slow and extremely fast. But they advise to start with moderate speed in order not to be sore, because small dimensions of the unit are deceptive.

As to drawbacks, some customers think that the mini massager is larger and heavier than they expected. They complain the improved blood circulation causes skin and eyes itching. One person wrote that the machine didn’t cause the necessary result. However, all other users love their vibration plates and this model is rated as one of 5 best portable machines.

Product Description

  • Max power: 1.5 HP
  • Input voltage: 110V / 60Hz
  • Input Power: 1000 W
  • Speed Range: 1-99
  • Amplitude: 0-10 MM
  • User Weight Capability: 300LBS
  • Dimensions: L65*W51*24 cm
  • Shipping weight: Approx. 49 lbs

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My name is Alexis Baxter and I am a fitness fanatic. I have been involved in heath, fitness and general wellbeing for over 5 years now.

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