The idea of buying a powerful and top-quality whole-body vibration machine for about $200 USD looks very attractive for multiple buyers. It can be very similar to their expensive analogues, being equipped with useful options, such as calories counting, pulse monitoring, rapid vibration and various speed settings. But is it really beneficial?

Gadget Fit Power Machine

Why Do the Customers Love Their Gadget Fit Power Units?

People prefer buying this model for their summer residences. They like that it is:

  1. quiet
  2. easy to assemble
  3. top-quality
  4. durable
  5. sturdy

The unit came with the detailed installation instructions, so dozens of customers confirm that is it easy to set the machine up. Some users had difficulties with selecting the right program and speed on the control tower, the other ones write that it is simple.

The machine shakes the body greatly and the users feel relaxed and lighter, getting a lot of energy after the session. Some customers admitted that they became healthier after several weeks of exercises while everybody is fond of 50 different speeds and the intensive workout the fastest ones provide. Vibration eliminates pain and swelling, improving blood circulation. Several customers managed to lose a couple of pounds even during the first week of training. The model is suitable to get used to vibration, starting with slow speeds and then intensifying the training.

However, some buyers consider that the Whole-Body Vibration Machine is too bulky and heavy, but not effective enough. Anyway, Gadget Fit Power is really good for the price and the device is recognized as one of 10 most popular vibration plates.

Product Description

  • Machine size : 28″ x 24″ x 48″
  • Machine weight 62lbs
  • Efficient 600W motor
  • Display showing time/speed/pulse
  • Anti-jamming and anti-static mechanism
  • 50 incremental speed settings
  • Maximum user weight 265lbs
  • 3 auto built-in workout programs
  • Weight of package when delivered : 68lbs
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