With the arrival of modern fitness world’s new trend, the vibration plate based exercise system, there have been some articles stating that this machine can in fact not only help with losing weight but also in curing certain other ailments as well, which include bad metabolism, blood pressure issues and some even stated that these full body vibration machines can help in reducing back pain Symptoms. In this article we will take a look at the most important facts as per our current information and will try to find out if its good effect on back issues is a fact of a fad.

Ways and Methods where vibration exercise can help

This machine can come as a complex one equipped with a computer with LCD display which helps with setting up times, counting calories and other important measurements during an exercise. The machine can come in many ways and forms, ranging from it being a single plate to stand on, to being complex machine with hardrails, exercise bands and adjustable wheels for the feet. Some other come with massager that concentrates on the back and waist area providing an extra focused massage there.

vibration exercise can help

Although there is no clinical proof that the vibrating method helps with back pain, there are tons of reviews which praise vibration plates as means to lower the levels of pain especially when it comes to upper back pain.

Vibration machine based exercises

What you need to understand is, that this is a machine that you are standing on. Therefore it will not provide any help for those looking for cardiovascular solutions. The programs where the WBV can be best used are the slow-movement based exercises such as callanetics, yoga and calisthenics. These include lots of streching and squatting based programs therefore they are good for those who don’t look for dynamic solutions or simply want a machine to help with pre-cardio streching.

Vibration machine based exercises

Is vibration therapy safe?

Although there are many articles featuring „clinical” results, it’s not proved that vibration can help everyone. In fact, vibration, especially when it’s not safeguarded by a clinician or someone with therapeutic gymnast education, it may even cause harm. Examples include those:

  • with lower back pain
  • With kidney stones or gallstones
  • Who went through a surgery recently
  • Who are pregnant
  • Who have any sort of implants or joint replacements
  • Who have a high blood pressure

So, if you have back issues, you will need to consult doctors and physicians well, before investing or even trying a vibration exercise.

Fact or fad?

As it seems, that the whole body vibration machine is another sort of a device that definitely sounds way better than it is in real life and another machine the use of which should be eithrr restricted to those who are healthy or those who do recreational exercise programs on it watched by a therapist. As an additional fact these machines are very expensive and can be loud in nature, so only invest in a vibration plate only or after being extremely sure that it does good for you.

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