Customers like portable whole body vibration machines. These products are easy to use, gentle and beneficial for treatment of osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, other bone diseases. Additionally, they are affordable and many satisfied customers have already purchased them. According to their opinion, the best model is Butterfly Shape by Tripact Inc. 112 buyers have already written their reviews about it and it enables us to analyze the benefits and drawbacks of the device.

Butterfly Shape Portable Vibration Machine

Why Are the Customers Satisfied with Butterfly Shape?

The portable machine comes being ready to use. Assembling instructions are needless, so the users just take it out from the box and start training. The other features the buyers like are:

  • remote control
  • compactness and simplicity
  • portability
  • adjustable settings
  • stable running

The customers think that the whole body vibration machine is gentle, relaxing, awesome, self-explanatory, quiet, sturdy, handy and invigorating. They are pleased with the model quality and price. It works great while speed and time and adjustable. As to the benefits, the users noticed that it helps with blood circulation, leg and back pain. Some of them use it to make the legs stronger, the other ones for arms workouts.

The whole body vibration machine is helpful for muscle tightening, treatment of neuropathy and fibromyalgia. Muscles become stronger and the users feel energized after 10 minutes of exercises, being able to keep standing during 10 hours without any leg swelling or pain. Thus the model is very good and healthsome.

The Customers’ Complaints

But for the cases when the load was delayed and the addressees consider the shipment to be too long, there are only several machine disadvantages. The customers complain that the unit is too heavy and huge. The other buyers consider that the model isn’t designed for intense workout and it doesn’t help to burn calories and lose weight.

However, there were some cases when the control panel quitted working in some months of use while the guarantee period is only 30 days. There were some cases of receiving cheap Chinese knock-offs that can be recognized by plastic smell, lightweight design and fragile case that gets cracked easily. So, be careful and order whole body vibration machines only from the reputable sellers.

While the Butterfly Shape model is really good and it was admitted as the best portable device following the customer feedback. It is gentle and sensitive, so the users love it and recommend to all their friends and relatives.

This model is the best portable whole body vibration machine in our rating: Best Whole Body Vibration Machines

Product Description

  • Adjustable speed settings avalaible
  • Stable running with direct current dynamo motor
  • No Assembly required. Comes with Remote Control
  • Capacity up to 250lbs
  • Convenient to use at home and office due to its portability

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