Bodyweight and bodybuilding exercises are essential to keep the body fit, strong and slim. Compact, safe and just the best power towers are beneficial for modern hurries that live in large cities or small towns where calisthenics playgrounds are not available. The stations help me to do various exercises for my upper body, such as pull-ups, dips, chin ups, and, evidently, for the upper part of the corpus, like efficient squats or leg raises, every day. So, let me recommend the best pull up station, highlighting benefits and drawbacks of the most reliable and popular exercisers.

Quick Overview of the best pull up towers

As for me, the best pull up station is certainly Weider Power Tower as it’s versatile, adjustable and quite affordable. Fitness Reality X Class is a premium choice, offering one-of-a-kind stability, reliability and workout safety. The most reasonably priced, the best home pull up station is naturally Stamina 1690 Power Tower that is really compact and great by design.

The other two options from Body Champ such as PT620 and VKR1010 are also impressive, versatile and comfortable, empowering knee and leg raises, pulling exercises and dips. Four additional options are for your information, offering the special opportunities and benefits for you.

The Best Power Tower Reviews

The Best Pull Up Station Overall: Weider Power Tower

Weider Power TowerBeing a pioneer in the specific bodybuilding field, Joe Weider, together with his brother Ben, has designed the most comfortable and functional fitness equipment. The famous Canadian entrepreneur and bodybuilder trained Arnold Schwarzenegger, so has had regard to the demand and needs of the leading athletes. Weider Power Tower enables them to hit all basic muscle groups, building shoulders, triceps and chest, sculpturing arms and serratus, empowering vertical knee raises, pushups, dips and pull ups.

The pull up station is quite durable and sturdy. It is not lightweight, suitable for tall and stout users. The Weider Power Tower is made of steel tubing, designed for lasting for ages. The comfortable cushions, padded hand grips make exercise very comfortable, allowing the athletes forget about the time and fatigue. Finally, the pull up dip station is very affordable, allowing any person have professional fitness equipment at home or in the office.

  • reliable tubular steel construction;
  • stands weight up to 300 lbs.;
  • durable, professional design;
  • affordable price;
  • easy-to-assemble;
  • sturdy and accessible.
  • insignificant frame flexion during the dip exercise;
  • can seem to be too wide, sturdy and heavy;
  • not suitable for the premises with low ceilings.

Premium Choice: Fitness Reality X Class

Premium Choice: Fitness Reality X ClassWhen you need a heavy-duty, high capacity fitness machine, Fitness Reality X Class is your best choice. The power tower gym is ergonomically designed; the frame is produced from the durable steel tube that is thick and powder coated. Adjustable handlebars and stability beams are available.

Therefore, it’s definitely the best power tower when you strive for performing the maximum daily workout, professional exercise and for achieving the sizeable bodybuilding results. It is great for strengthening triceps, sculpturing biceps, back and chest. Therefore, but for the high price, the station is quite popular.

  • weight capacity up to 400 pounds;
  • 7 mounting positions;
  • adjustable handlebars;
  • high-capacity and heavy duty;
  • professional design;
  • comfortable cushions for elbow and forearm support;
  • durable frame.
  • excessive price;
  • the grips lack cushioning;
  • may seem too high for short people.

The Best Power Tower for Money: Stamina 1690

The Best Power Tower for Money: Stamina 1690The device may look not as sturdy and durable as the previous two products. Its frame is not very thick, and the Stamina Power Tower is very compact and lightweight. However, it is produced from sturdy, tough tubular steel, coming with heavy-duty bolts and stable footprint.

The machine is simple, but it is congenial for chin ups, sit ups, push-ups and pull-ups. It empowers the bodybuilding enthusiasts to sculpt the chest, back, lats and other muscles. Additionally, the product is evidently the best pull up station for the money, being the most affordable, but sturdy and functional. It is really perfect for beginners, being comfortable and esay-to-use. It is also good for small apartments, hotel rooms and offices.

  • compact and lightweight;
  • sturdy steel frame and solid footprint;
  • affordable;
  • no-slip grips and end caps;
  • durable and reliable design.
  • not durable enough for heavy users (with weight more than 200 lbs);
  • too wide;
  • the legs may be shaking during the exercise.

The Best Home Pull Up Station for Women: Body Champ PT 620

The Best Home Pull Up Station for Women: Body Champ PT 620The fitness gear power tower is compact and ergonomically designed. It might be easily and shortly installed in a really small room, being still sturdy, reliable and safe for use. Coming with minimalistic design, it is quite solid for everyday exercise. It comes with the high-performance steel frame and thick, box-style cushions, being comfortable and versatile.

The product is amazing for the overall workout and slim, lightweight, but tall users, for example, for women. The problem of too wide handles is eliminated, so you can perform push-ups, knee raises, push-ups and chin-ups easily. A solid D-frame is available to improve the station’s stability and rigidity.

Additionally, 5 workout options or stations are provided, offering versatile body strengthening and weight loss opportunities for fitness enthusiasts and professionals. The bars are adjustable and equipped with foam for the comfortable grips.

Finally, the work out tower has a stylish look in any room design and the floor remains unmarked thanks to protective, non-slip feet.

  • compact;
  • heavy-duty;
  • versatile;
  • cushioned and comfortable;
  • stable and protecting the floor.
  • not the best for doing dips (due to slight wobbles);
  • not the most affordable;
  • not the most comfortable for short and stout people.

The Best Pull Up Station for Beginners and Vertical Knee Raises: Body Champ VKR1010

The Best Pull Up Station for Beginners and Vertical Knee Raises: Body Champ VKR1010The power tower is very similar to the previous product, but it’s even more affordable. It comes with 4 workout stations (not 5, like Body Champ PT 620). Meanwhile, it enables dips, chin-ups, push-ups and pull-ups. As you can easily see by the stations’ name, it is the best for vertical knee raises and various exercises for the legs.

Thus the equipment is designed for fitness enthusiasts, seasoned body-builders and beginners. It is really good for slight home exercise that enables the users to lose weight or to keep the muscles, chest, back, shoulders and arms tones. The basic beneficial features are available, for example:

  • D-frame base;
  • steel frame;
  • seam-stitched cushions;
  • comfortable, non-slip grips;
  • feet covers.

Thus, the power station is very good for the price, affordable and reliable; therefore, it is popular and preferred by multiple users.

  • compact;
  • stable;
  • affordable;
  • suitable for home use;
  • it wobbles a lot, especially during the dip exercise;
  • hand grips seem to be too thin for some users;
  • not durable enough (for example, some customers complain that the stitches and bolts are not long-lasting enough).

The Best High-Capacity Fitness Equipment: Ainfox Power Tower

The Best High-Capacity Fitness Equipment: Ainfox Power TowerStanding out from the other stations by the high capacity (up to 550 lbs.), the fitness gear power tower is suitable for the users of any weight and complexion, men and women. The tower’s height is adjustable, so too tall or too short people wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, doing the exercises.

The frame is produced from reinforced steel; arm and back cushions are available, ensuring some comfort for the users. Additionally, the non-slip-grips are provided, ensuring complete comfort for the hands and safety for the bodybuilder.

Two basic workout stations are available: one is designed for chin-ups and pull-ups, the second one is irreplaceable for dips. Therefore, the tower is solidly build and reliable, but suitable only for the limited set of exercise.

  • maximum possible weight capacity;
  • adjustable frame;
  • good for the money;
  • reinforced steel frame;
  • non-slip grips;
  • compact;
  • easy-to-assemble;
  • sturdy, solidly built and reliable;
  • suitable for users of any bodily constitution.
  • not good for the rooms with low ceilings;
  • suitable for a limited set of exercise;
  • oily (rubber) smell can be noticeable during the first months of use;
  • a bit wobbly without a mat underneath.

A Good, Popular and Stable Power Tower: ProGear275

A Good, Popular and Stable Power Tower: ProGear275The pull up bar tower is solidly built, reliable and durable. It is  produced from thick tubular steel that is powder coated. The station’s capacity is up to 275 lbs., that is better than other equipment provides. Non-slip caps and leg stabilizers ensure perfect rigidity and stability. Therefore, multiple positive, just the best power tower reviews are available; so, the equipment is very popular.

Additionally, two thick cushions are available, providing perfect comfort for forearms, elbows and wrists. The basic frame of the station is angled that helps stabilize the body. The step support is beneficial for short users; so, they can perform chin-ups easily.

  • stable;
  • capacious;
  • affordable;
  • compact design thanks to small footprint;
  • thick padding;
  • aesthetic look;
  • angled frame;
  • easy to assemble;
  • great pushup bars.
  • no rubber grip on the upper, pull-up bar;
  • wobbles a little when the user’s weight exceeds 200 lbs.;
  • the available distance between the armrests is too short.

A Perfect Power Station for Dips: Gold’s Gym 10.9

A Perfect Power Station for Dips: Gold’s Gym 10.9The brand is well-reputed and quite recognizable, that’s why I recommend this perfect product to you. The company was founded in California, in 1965, by the famous businessman and bodybuilder Joe Gold. Therefore, it is notable for the great experience, offering top-quality fitness equipment.

The power tower comes with excellent VKR, pull-up, push-up and dip stations. It is solidly built, made of the tubular steel, that is thick and reliable. The gym’s weight and load capacity is up to 300 pounds that is not bad, anyway.

Thick cushions (2.5 inches) are available to support arms and back for comfortable workouts. So, the tower is very good for building various groups of muscles: triceps, shoulders and chest, legs and back.

Additionally, a D-frame base is available, ensuring perfect stability.

  • thick tubular steel frame;
  • the perfect dip station;
  • D-shaped base for stability;
  • top quality;
  • high weight capacity;
  • thick cushions for additional comfort.
  • too narrow footprint;
  • a bit shaky;
  • difficult to assemble;
  • not too compact for small rooms.

A Functional Workout Station with a Tether Ball: Merax Boxing

A Functional Workout Station with a Tether Ball: Merax BoxingThe power station stands out from the other products by the unique design. It is equipped with parallel bars, offering more space for exercise. The gym equipment is suitable for efficient chin-ups, raises, sit-ups, dips and push-ups. Additionally, it empowers box training at home, great reflex and cardio workout, as a tether ball is available that can be replaced with a suitable boxing bag.

6 workout modes are provided, for various types of muscles building. The tower’s frame is solid and sturdy, made of steel. It is black, so the design is quite elegant and stylish. Therefore, Merax Boxing is special, coming with extended functionality and good not only for bodybuilders but for boxers, as well.

  • sturdy;
  • elegant design;
  • extended functionality;
  • heavy duty;
  • padded armsrests and back.
  • not compact at all;
  • a bit pricey.

Buyers’ Guide

A pull up tower seems to be the equipment for professional bodybuilders. Meanwhile, it is quite versatile and it is easily used at home every day by common people to get fit and strong. It helps me with my workout routine, taking only a little space in the room.

The best pull up station that meets your workout needs is efficiently used for bodyweight exercises, to burn some calorie or to build the special groups of muscles. Additionally, CrossFit or callisthenic workouts can be selected. Some samples of exercises are available online. However, I would advise you to discuss it with your personal trainer in beforehand and get some good pieces of professional advice.

Buyers’ Guide

The Basic Stations and Their Use

The best power tower commonly includes several stations that are designed for building the certain groups of muscles easily and with the great comfort:

  • pull up station is useful for pull ups and chin ups that are essential for the back, arms and shoulders. It is efficient to work out biceps and forearm muscles. It also helps you perform leg raises;
  • dip station and moves are designed to stimulate triceps, the muscles of chest and shoulders;
  • if a push-up section is available, these work out towers are great to train pec and stimulate chest muscles;
  • the acronym VKR in the pull-up dip station’s name speaks for the great opportunities to perform vertical knee raises efficiently. These models are suitable for beginners and fitness enthusiasts. They commonly come with thick and comfortable cushions for the arms and the back.
  • some power tower exercise equipment has a beneficial squat rack option. Meanwhile, it has strict weight capacity limits, being securely used only by slim people.

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How to Choose the Best Pull Up Station?

It may seem that the equipment is simple and it’s not difficult to opt for the model that suits your workout needs. However, the suitable equipment selection task may be quite challenging. I would advise you to study the best power tower reviews that are available online and might be quite helpful.

Additionally, consider:

  • your bodybuilding experience and the necessary workout;
  • your weight and height;
  • the room dimensions and the ceiling height;
  • the budget;
  • the best home pull up station’s popularity.

Quite naturally, it’s better to purchase a versatile fitness tower than two separate pull up and dip stations. Check the model’s capacity and the dimensions. Think about the room where to use and store the equipment, its design and look.

When your room or flat is really small, opt for a compact dip-station that is wall-mounted. It is not multi-functional or versatile, but it still enables vertical knees raise exercises.

The Height and Space Considerations

The Height and Space Considerations

Most power towers are 7-feet tall (when they are fully assembled). Some models, for example, Weider Power Tower or Stamina 1690 Power Tower are even higher. Therefore, it’s preferable to accommodate the stations in the premises with at least 8-feet high ceilings, as some clearance is necessary.

For the rooms with the low ceilings, select an adjustable height model, such as Ainfox Power Tower. As to the space, some models are really compact, like BodyChamp PT620 and VKR1010 models. However, I don’t consider this factor to be the most decision making. If your room is sufficient, I would recommend you to select the station with the largest footprint as it is more stable and reliable. So, some space that makes about 8’*10’ could be necessary.

The Bodybuilder’s Weight and Height

Many power towers are wisely designed for tall users. Only the ProGear 275 model is equipped with a step support for short people. When it goes about the weight capacity, it is clearly stated in all the stations’ specifications and descriptions. Meanwhile, heavy-duty fitness equipment is more stable and durable than lighter models. Therefore, I recommend only the products that can stand the users’ weight of not less than 200 lbs efficiently, but I prefer the most reliable items with capacity 550, 400 or, at least, 300 lbs.

The Bodybuilder’s Weight and Height

Which Floors are the Best?

Multiple power towers come with protective caps on the feet that are made of foam or rubber. These parts tend to protect the floors efficiently, eliminating any scratches or damages. Meanwhile, it’s recommended to use some protective flooring or a gym mat, placing it underneath the station.

Other Issues

For freestanding models, a large, stable footprint with D-frame can be essential to reduce wobbling and make the workout safe and efficient. I recommend only the models with the reliable steel frames that are made of thick metal and stand any loads.

Beginners could choose the assisted models that come with straps or rubber bands.

Finally, the price is very important. However, would you like to use a light machine that wobbles? A cheap power tower may be not quite reliable, safe and well-constructed, being suitable only for the most lightweight bodybuilders.

Therefore, I select the product that comes with multiple positive customers’ reviews, as it’s better to pay one or two hundred dollars more than purchase the rubbish that is just a waste of money.

However, to save on the best pull up station, select the models that come with free shipping and manufacturer’s warranty. The long-time warranty itself speaks for the equipment durability and reliability, top-quality, the producer’s experience, reputation and good image.

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How to Eliminate the Exercise Towers’ Drawbacks?

There are 2 basic disadvantages of various power towers themselves:

  • they are not suitable for multifarious leg exercises. You can only do some squats and knee raises with them;
  • the stations may wobble more or less depending on their own weight, capacity, the frame thickness and the footprint dimensions.

Quite naturally, you are empowered to train your legs, doing the efficient dumbbell exercises with or without any fitness tower. As to the wobbling, it’s a great, common issue of virtually all freestanding stations, that are designed for dips and pull-ups. I guess, only the premium choice I recommend that is Fitness Reality X Class doesn’t wobble at all, being really rigid and stable.

Therefore, the gym’s stability is a primary selection factor that is essential to consider. But, when you have bought the most reliable, safe and just the best power tower, you still need to install it (or have it installed properly). The issues with improper mounting, or when some screws, parts or bolts are absent, are more common than you could imagine. Use the manufacturers’ instructions, study them carefully and check every point and picture. If any doubts arise, better order professional installation services from the seller. It’s beneficial because the best pull up station’s life is not less than 3-5 years.

Additionally, it’s advisable to place a gym mat under the station. You won’t sincerely believe it, but it’s really helpful in multiple cases, and the equipment stops wobbling or it wobbles much less than before.

How to Build a DIY Dip Station?


Building a home-made dip station is beneficial, as you can customize it for your own workout needs and requirements. Additionally, you’ll save on your power tower, making it unique, safe and efficient.

You’ll definitely need some essential materials, such as:

  • thick PVC pipe;
  • 4 pieces of 90° PVC elbows;
  • 4 end caps;
  • four T-joint connectors;
  • PVC glue;
  • hand saw;
  • grip tape.

1.5-inch thick pipes, elbows and joints are necessary to ensure the essential stability and rigidity.

Thus, building the best power tower for your loved ones, follow several essential steps:

  1. Measure and mark the pipe. You’ll need 6 pieces 2-feet long, and 8 pieces, 1-foot long.
  2. Cut the PVC tube with the hand saw.
  3. Glue the joints to the tube pieces.
  4. Place the connectors (T-joint ones) to make the legs.
  5. Remove the excess of PVC glue from the joints.
  6. Paint the best pull up tower parts with a mat spray, selecting your favorite color.
  7. Use grip tape to make the handles.

So, you can build a custom, DIY dip station for you only with the minimum expenses. But, as for me, tubular steel is much more reliable and durable than PVC, even the thickest one, so, I prefer buying the ready-made model that is proven and insured by the manufacturer’s warranty.


Tips for Using the Best Power Tower to the Best Advantage

To stay in shape or lose weight, you’ll need the means and motivation. If you’ve purchased the best pull up station, the means are already available. As to the motivation, follow some useful, expert tips:

  • set up a suitable workout environment and pleasant atmosphere;
  • use the guide to select the exercises for every day;
  • keep to an efficient diet that provides the right nutrients for the muscles stimulation.

A TV-set on an iPod will be required for the exercises. You’ll need your favorite, dynamic music to improve the mood and help you keep vigorous. Additionally, you’ll need water, the reasonable temperature and humidity within the room.

The exercises for various types of muscles are to be selected properly, in beforehand and consistently. Some of them are available online. If the guide is not sufficient, hire a personal trainer or ask for professional advice.

Don’t overdo with the workout and keep the reasonable diet, minimizing fat and adding the necessary nutrients. Set ambitious goals and make a detailed fitness plan. Try to keep to the program and make your body fit, slim and strong.


Selecting the best power tower, pay the greatest attention to its stability, reliability and capacity. I recommend Weider Power Tower as the best pull up station, because it’s sturdy, reliable and durable, standing the weight up to 300 pounds. Meanwhile, it is still very affordable, being suitable for any budget. Fitness Reality X Class Station is much more expensive, but this model is a premium choice, recommended for professional application, as it is heavy-duty and coming with 7 mounting positions.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower is actually the most popular model. It is selected by multiple customers thanks to its affordable price and compact design. The other products are recommended for the special cases: BodyChamp stations are preferable for beginners; Ainfox Power Tower is adjustable by height; Merax Boxing is suitable not only for bodybuilding but also for boxing, cardio and reflex workout. So, select the best power tower, taking into account your needs, height and weight, but don’t forget about the station’s stability, reliability and durability.

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