Only few customers select middle-priced whole-body vibration machines while they are really worth their attention. So, more than 6 dozens of users are satisfied with their units. They like the feelings and results caused by vibration and recommend the model to all readers.

Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor Vibration Machine review

What Do the Customers Appreciate?

Many users like that the E6600 vibration machine model is:

  • powerful
  • solid and sturdy
  • easy to operate
  • equipped with two arm belts
  • quiet

It is suitable for young people who need intense workout and for elderly patients who suffer from osteopenia, asthma, neuropathy. Some users like that the machine is dual motor, so they can exercise standing on platform or sitting on it. Assembly was not difficult for multiple customers while the other ones admit that they needed patience to do everything right. Additionally, they warn the other customers from initial fastening the screws and from pinching the cable. There are claims about burnt rubber smell from the platform, but it goes away in several days. However, the customers advise to install the machine in a vented room.

Regular training with Axis-Plate whole body vibration machine helps the users with balance problems, healing process, restless legs syndromes; it reduces blood pressure and relieves pain. Multiple chiropractors recommend this model to their patients. It is one of 10 best vibration plate models according to the customers’ opinion, so it is useful and beneficial.

Product Description

  • Two motors with 1500 watts total power
  • 60 Speed settings, 3 pre-programmed, 3 user-programmable workouts, BMI analyzer
  • Dual control panels for controlling speed and motion in any position
  • Heavy-duty build with a 400 Pound maximum weight limit
  • Includes black isometric balance straps and complete user guide

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